Consider This

Your search for a billing service stops here.

Focus on What You Do Best

Providers specialize in patient care. T & T specializes in billing. Providers are often overwhelmed with insurance calls and denied claims. Using T & T frees up your time for patient care and the clinical aspect of your practice.

Get Paid Faster

Many providers are still submitting handwritten claims for reimbursement. T & T Medical Billing submits claims electronically. Providers can begin seeing claims paid in as little as 7 days.

A Changing Industry

The healthcare industry is changing at an unprecedented rate. With HIPAA requirements, EHR standards, deleted CPT codes and an entirely new set of ICD-10 codes, providers can barely keep up. T & T Medical billing keeps up with all industry changes and makes sure claims are compliant and error free.

Dedicated-Competent-Highly Trained Specialist

T & T Medical Billing will treat your practice as if it were our own. Our top priority is to increase the profitability of your practice. Medical billing requires constant education, vigilance and competent professionals handling your claims. We make sure claims are sent out correctly on the front end to ensure minimal denials on the back end.

Cost Effective

Providers may feel they can't afford a billing service. The truth is, you can't afford having less than 100% effort behind your practice billing. Hiring T & T enables you to have the assistance you need but at a fraction of IN house billing costs. You will see an increase in revenue and a decrease in costs that far outweighs the billing service fee.